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Volume 18

The Machine, by Ruth Bavetta
Metastasis, by Susan Blevins
Mastectomy, by Jennifer Lagier
How We Bury Our Dead, by Jonathan Glenn Travelstead
Solace Among Oaks, by Sylvie Leotin
My Symptoms Glowed in Neon, by S.Z. Keller
The Effulgent Heart, by Mark Kerstetter
Ode to My Hair, by Inna Bazarsky
Superstes, by Colleen Dougherty
Knock Knock Joke, by Jan Sarchio
Observations in the Darkness, by Nancy Ternasky
Ashes to Ashes, by F.I. Goldhaber
Benign or Malignant, by Carey Link
Waterfall, by Carol Barrett
From Survivor to Thriver, by Diana Raab
What a Boob, by Linda McKenney